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Internship Program

  • Home based
  • Get access to 1,000 plus online training modules.
  • Real word deliverables like websites, Growth hacking and Apps.
  • Submit your resume to

Warning: For serious students only that are willing to learn. You are expected to study and workhard.


Web Application Developer

  • Must have artistic skills
  • Heavy basic training
  • Be trained using the latest tooling
  • Deliver live websites
  • To be hired after internship
  • 100 Peso allowance after the basic trainings. Can be more if talented.

Business and SEO Analyst

  • SEO and Google Algorithms Heavy Training
  • Intensive research
  • Deep dive metrics analysis
  • Track and observe market behaviours
  • To be hired after internship
  • 100 Peso allowance after the basic training. Can be more if talented.


What Previous Interns Have to Say

I’ve been an OJT trainee of DevKinetics Inc. for 3 months. Can you imagine? For just 3 months of training I’d learned to develop applications and used different programming languages that I never used before. I myself can’t imagine it and the training is not just a training, we’ve been trained and developed a real-world applications not just a dummy application. It is a privilege to work in DevKinetics because they are willing to train people in the best and effective way they know.

Alberto Naperi

Intern2015 | AMG Skilled

CTO | DevKinetics | Kilabot ng mga Chubby

I love it its a great experience, everyday is a new knowledge, you can also help other people too. Now I'm looking forward for more challenges and projects. DevKinetics success is also my success as an individual. I will cherish this to the rest of my life.

Intern 2014 | Nursing Grad

DevKinetics Employee 2015

My experience in DevKinetics was really challenging and worth it. They are eager to help on improving my programming skills. They are pushing me to become as good as them in the best possible way that they can. Training in DevKinetics is one of the best OJT experience you can get. That is why I chose to work at DevKinetics, I want to learn more. It’s knowledge over money. Thank you DevKinetics!

Jessa Silang

Inter 2014 | Batangas State University

SAP Senior Developer | NASA

DevKinetics upgraded my skills as an IT person. They gave me training on a real working environment. From ubuntu server configurations, to system deployment. Thanks so much for the best trainings.

John Paul Vincent P. Cabase

Intern 2019 | World Citi

Application Developer | DevKinetics | From Rehab to Master Coder

DevKinetics gave me training on a real working environment. I'm a UNIX/DevOps and at first everything sounds alien to me. From server configurations, to system deployment. It went from nothing to awesomeness in just a short span of time

Intern 2015 | Batangas State University

Na-busted, Nag AWOL

In the span of one month, I can attest that being with the company has been a productive experience in line with my profession. I have various training programs which guided me to accomplish different tasks. I can say that some of the scenarios were challenging and I was able to overcome those with the guidance and assistance of my supervisor. Devkinetics is really committed to mold competent individuals for the future.

Michael Basallo

Inter 2019 | De La Salle University - Dasmarinas

Magikero | nawawala bigla sa trabaho

DevKinetics OJT, one of the best thing that worth remembering for the rest of my life. The OJT with DevKinetics taught me many things that my knowledge about the outside world is indeed so small, that I still don't have enough knowledge with the Java Language and Java still has many things you need to learn. Indeed being an OJT with DevKinetics is awesome, you will be challenged with what you will be doing, and that the tasks assigned is always not that easy, the training is also hard and the things you will be doing is not just some clerical stuffs.

Aldwin Delgado

Intern 2015 | PUP

Senior Software Engineer | Entrego | Can code while sleeping sa office

Here at DevKinetics , you'll be trained as an actual worker as if you're a part of the company. Every job that is put onto your shoulders by your supervisor is not just a job for a trainee, it's a job for an advocacy, a job to prepare you for future challenges and gain competitive advantage in the field of IT.

Miguel Quizon

Intern 2015 | Batangas State University


Even if I am just rendering a few days for my training, I've already learned a lot of things because of the tasks and learning materials given. Being a part of DevKinetics is truly a great blessing for me. The supervisor really pushes each trainees to their full potentials. My co-trainees are very helpful, too. If you want to excel in the IT industry, try training with DevKinetics.

Irene Gayle Roque

Internship 2019 | AMA


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