E-Tickets for Services

Sell more by integrating e-tickets to your online business or services

Enablr's E-tickets

Standard Tickets

Regular priced tickets which can be used anytime before the expiry date or specific dates.

Enablr's Reservation E-tickets

Reservation Tickets

Requires reservation of specific location such as bus seat or badminton court.

Enablr's Voucher


Can be exchanged for actual tickets onsight or call to arrange for a reservation. There are several use cases which vouchers can be used.


Room or Hotel Voucher

A customer can buy the voucher with a certain date range of validity. A customer will have to call to confirm the exact reservation date.


Entrance Tickets

A customer can buy the voucher with a certain date of validity. The voucher will be presented to the ticket counter and will be replaced by an actual entrance ticket.

Enablr's Food Voucher

Food Voucher

A customer can buy pre-ordered food items at a discounted price.