Promos & Discounts

Learn how to apply coupons, promos and discounts to your business.


Coupon is used to reduce the current regular price of a service or to avail freebies. There are several use cases which coupons can be used.

Enablr's Percent Discounts

Percent Discounts

Price will be reduced based on percentage.

Enablr's Fixed Amount Discounts

Fixed Amount Discounts

With a minimum purchase amount, a fixed amount will be deducted from the total price. Ex. Buy at least $1,000 and get $50 off.

Enablr's Extra Freebie Item

Extra Freebie Item

For example, free upgrade of amenities from a standard room to deluxe room. Another is the opportunity to avail buy 1 take 1 packages.

Flexible Promo Mechanics

Apply promos on the existing tickets.


Buy X take Y

Buy 1 take 1 or buy 5 take 1 promo mechanics.


Percentage or Fixed Amount Discount

Price reduction to a given date range.


Promo Codes

Requires a valid promo code to avail discounts. A promo code can be a used once, certain count or unlimited until it expires.


Single-Use Promo Codes

Ideal for very targetted customers. Ex. Inactive customers from your database..


Limited Count

Ideal for daily promos with limited slots. This will create hype and encourage your customers to do immediate purchase.


Time-Bound Promo Codes

Ideal for social media wide promotions. A single promo code can be used multiple times until it expires.